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Post  Aussiecop31 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:01 am

In LCLE, we use a very simple code system. We have four codes that indicate the amount of backup needed or if everything is clear. We also may sometimes use the more professional 10-codes (ie: 10-4 over and out) but that is not required knowledge for this clan. However, the 4 codes is a necessary for you to learn and know how to use. I will list each code, with a general definition of the code and how one should respond to it.

Code 1: This would be called in when an officer needs a little assistance with a traffic stop. This could include when a suspect is not cooperating or one feels their life is in danger. the nearest officer would respond; and that's it, unless further back up is required. This is how one would use this in game. "This is Unit 32, requesting Code 1 back up, at the Eastern BurgerShot (patrol is currently in Bohan)." You could also say "Northwood Unit, Aussiecop31, requesting Code 1 assistance at the Northern Pay'n'spray. Suspect matches description of a previous crime." (patrol is currently in Algonquin).

Code 2: This type of assistance is called in when an officer requires 2-3 extra officers on the scene. This could include a drug bust, possible shots fired, robbery, high speed pursuits, and so on. In Bohan, everyone in the east side beat would respond if the officer that calls it in is on the east side. Example. "I need Code 2 assistance at the Triangle Club" Since the Triangle club is on the East Side, then all the east side units would respond. The west side units would still be patrolling. NO west side units would respond to that call. That rule only applies to Bohan. In any other place, a dispatcher will tell which units to respond. If you are not called on to respond, do not respond: stay away. This is really important that an officer only responds when needed; if not, it leaves parts of our city vulnerable.

Code 3: Code 3 is the most basic backup call. If someone calls in a Code 3, then everyone should respond. This should only be called in the most dangerous of situations. Some situations would include, shootouts, murder, hostages, drivebys, and anything that would get the SWAT team involved.

Code 4: This is the only code that means you don't need back up. It alerts officers that you have a suspect in custody and no further assistance is needed. If a code 4 is announced, continue patrolling like normal.

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