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10-1: Receiving poorly
10-2: Loud and clear
10-3: Stop transmitting
10-4: Received/understood your message
10-6: Busy when temporarily unavailable (searching a vehicle/getting health/weapons ect)
10-7: Off duty/ Out of service
10-8: On duty/In service
10-9: Repeat your traffic (your last message)
10-10: On Pager (in-game contact with officer is made by cell phone) used when not at controller or on special assignment (Unavailable to Assist)
10-13: Officer is in need of immediate assistance
10-15: Suspect in custody (arrested/apprehender)
10-19: Enroute to location
10-20: Location
10-22: Take no further action
10-29: Running a suspect’s driver’s license/criminal history
10-50: Motor Vehicle Accident
10-51: Drunk
10-66 Suspicious person
10-67 Person calling for help
10-71 Shooting
10-81: At police station/office
10-97: On scene

Officer short talk/general terms: (May be used at own discretion)

Signal 16: drugs

If criminal history on suspect via the police database finds they have drug history this code is used so the suspect doesn’t know that the police and dispatch are talking about their drug history

OS: Officer Safety Issue

When a suspect’s record identifies them due to criminal history that they are a threat to the officer’s life. Such history of possessing illegal weapons, fleeing/evading, domestic battery ect.

P/C: Probable Cause

Police talk for the ability to arrest, pull over, or search a suspect’s person, or vehicle(s).

Consent to Search: Have permission by the suspect to search the vehicle. However, may the search if they have the P/C, probable cause or authorized by a sergeant or higher ranking CO.

MVA: Motor Vehicle Accident

A traffic accident; May between a car VS car, car VS animal, car VS tree ect.

ATL/UTL: Attempt to locate (ATL), Unable to locate (UTL)

This is used when searching the area for a suspect it is “ATL” and when unable to find the suspect it is “UTL”. These commands are absolutely invaluable when searching for a suspect who was involved with a pursuit Ect.

*May add/modify officer short talk or 10 codes as required

Below are the ways there codes are used:

10-8: You use this code when you have your patrol car and are ready to start

10-7: when leaving the patrol or no longer have your patrol car

10-4: You understood what the other officer told you/asked to something

10-6: Busy, cannot take part in a pursuit, vehicle maintenance

10-10: If on a special assignment or acting as non-active duty but able to assist. Meaning contact to this officer is can only be established by cell phone. The unit will remain this way until they have advised 10-8 (Unavailable to Assist)

10-13: Used when a Officer is in need of immediate assistance (i.e when a suspect is Fist fighting with an officer, trying to kidnapp officer, Etc.)

10-15: when an officer has arrested a suspect they are 10-15

10-19: Enroute to a location. Ex: Unit 47, 10-19 Westside burger shot.

10-20: Location as in “Unit 47, 10-20” officer short talk: “Unit 47, what is your 20?”

10-81: Police station/office as in unit is at the station getting a car ect.

10-29: When running a suspect’s driver license and checking for active warrants

10-22: When an officer is advised to cancel a response for whatever reason.

10-97: When an officer arrives on scene, Ex: “Unit 47, 10-97 Westside Burger Shot”

10-51: When there is a DUI, ect.

10-66:Suspicious person(s)

10-67: used when a Person is calling for help

10-71: used when there is a Shooting

*Please Note that this page can change at anytime*

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