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Post  VexedFlaminWolf on Tue Jun 14, 2011 9:00 pm

Today i made a match as a experiment and made a zombies game and im proud to say it went great so if anyone else wants to set one up or wants to start one here are the rules.

~ General Setup
1. Gamemode must be deathmatch because its to difficult to coordinate in TD when a survivor becomes a zombie.
2. Blips must be turned completely off to make it realistic and its alot funner like that.
3. Voice is proximity
4. Weather is always foggy
5. there has to be atleast 3 zombies per 2 survivors
6. Be creative and use your imagination i.e running to a bugershot and grabbing food and storing it in your trunk if your using a car.

~Human Rules
1. Must have body armor (even though body armor doesn't block knives it is known as a vaccination so if your "bitten" survivors know your immune.
2. You can drive cars but only for a limited amount of time seeing as how this is some what realistic seeing as how cars dont go forever.
3. If someone in your group has been bitten they have 1:30 to get a vaccine if they are not already immune failure in doing so will result in them starting to change in which the group can decide to kill the person or exile them.
4. If killed you become a zombie regardless if your killed because you were not immune or killed by a zombie accidental deaths do not count such as falling from a height.
5. Try to have a good backstory for your survivor so we can know why they can use the weapons in the game as well as they do. Examples are CDub being special forces, toxic being SAS and me being Seal Team 6.
6. Humans can use grenades and molotovs but not RPGs.
7. Humans may only use RPGs is for flares and signaling other survivors i.e being the lookout and spotting zombies but your out of voice chat range.
8. Not really a rule more of a pro tip is to keep your weapon out at all times so when you meet up with survivors your not SOS
9. Your job is to survive is a survivor is threatening that then just exile them dont risk them screwing you in the survival part.

~Zombie Rules
1. Must have zombie skin unlocked.
2. Zombies are not allowed to drive cars.
3. Zombies cannot use guns.
4. Zombies should work as a team not a lone wolf.
5. Zombies can be in a party together while humans cannot.
6. If there are less than 4 zombies going against a human group 5+ zombies may use body armor but only one zombie may do so and when he loses it you must wait 5 more minutes for another zombie to get body armor.
7. Zombies should know the big landmarks on every island i.e the first game we played was on bohan and only 1 zombie knew where Niko Bellic's house was.
8. Zombies must be ready to die ALOT and not get angry and ragequit for that simple reason.
9. Even though i raged about this zombies are allowed to yank you out of a car even if the window is not broken.

i posted this in the event section so that people can reply when they want to make a game for this. and if you any other ideas for other rules just post them just as bob did.

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Zombie Survival Matches Empty Re: Zombie Survival Matches

Post  stgbob6 on Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:14 pm

it should be 2 zom per 1 sur. because the zom. can only use knives and zombies should be in a party

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