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Tactical Pursuit And Containment

Although many believe that TPAC is a single maneuver its NOT, instead its a group of tactical options such as Rolling road blocks, Spike strips and the PIT maneuver. TPAC is normally requested by a lead car and authorised by a CO at the initiation of a pursuit. However with that being said Police forces generally use the word TPAC instead of saying Rolling Road Block, us included.

A Rolling Road block (TPAC) is a option that police officers can use to end a pursuit without the use of potentially lethal force, TPAC is generally used on highways and NOT on single lane roads, TPAC can be used on 2 lane roads given the conditions are right and there is NO oncoming traffic.

TPAC is preferably conducted with 4 Marked Police Cars, however 3 Cars can be used as a wall or hedge can be used as a substitute to a vehicle.

Once the officer initiates the pursuit they should immediately request TPAC to be authorised, from this point the lead vehicle is known as the ground commander or vehicle 1 (V1). V1 will be officer with the pursuit commentary, they will be the person conducting the positioning of all other vehicles involved and will eventually be the officer controlling the initiation of the "TPAC"


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