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The Communication standard Empty The Communication standard

Post  Aussiecop31 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:57 am

The Communication Standard.

The following is the required standard you must set as a Patrol Officer and above when Communicating. Communicating below the set standard may result in action from the Training department and if required, Internal Affairs.

You must:
Make sure no-one else is trying to or is talking when you want to.

Only interupt someone if it is an urgent message and you use the word "Priority".

Always wait for dispatch to say "Go Ahead" before passing a non-urgent message.

Only say something that is related and relevent to the patrol and the task at hand.

Be professional and Courteous when talking on the comms.

Use your Cell Phone for one to one conversations or speaking with a crook in a non urgent situation.

You must NOT:

Interupt someone with a non-urgent message.

Use un-nessasary or inappropriate comments.

Disregard the Communication Priorities


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