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Post  toxicmonkey999 on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:43 pm

All basic training is performed at the airport

Driving manoverability - Requires you to drive between the runway lights without going over them

Break test - Requires you to drive full speed starting at double dash x2 lines on runway and to brake starting at the sextuplit dash using just the LT and end up stopping in the orange triangle at the end of the runway

Traffic stop - Requires you to be able to succesfully call into dispatch for your reason for pulling the suspect over then followed by you pulling them over and parking behind them properly, side of front bumper pionting out to the side of suspects car on left as you may be rammed by AI if not done. Then followed by questioning suspect on reasons and awarness of crimes and offences commited continueing this with asking for Identification (Gamertag) you would then go back to car making sure that the suspect stays put, then call into dispatch and ask them to run a 10-29 (search for criminal record) as this is basic training there will be no criminal history for suspect and will result in a fine or punishmnet of some kind. Go back to suspect and state their offences and write a ticket or call for car to be impounded if more of a serious offence. Remember that you wait for the suspect to leave first or else you may be viable for what happens to them next.

PIT manouver - Requires you to succesfully perform a Precision Immobilization Technique during a persuit, this will involve you having to spin out the suspect by hitting between the tail light and the rear tire and pushing them to the side whilst in contact with them. You MUST call into dispatch for permission to perform this.

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