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Taser Gun & Vehicle Bumps Empty Taser Gun & Vehicle Bumps

Post  Aussiecop31 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:58 am

Keep this in mind about a Taser gun, their range is only about 15 feet, which is about a car length. I have seen many officer use the taser from about a 1/4-1/2 block range which is very unrealistic and begins to enter long range for the pistol.

You guys need to start using the taser in a closer range, use good judgement on this and maybe practice with other officers to get a feel for it. Some of these foot pursuits are ended too quickly or unfairly because of a way the taser gun is used. Remember to get permission to tase and you can only tase someone once.

Vehicle Bumps:
When you guys are doing a vehicle bump, come in slowly and turn your car into the person and try to use the front corner to knock them down. Do not use your car to smash the person into a wall. A good vehicle bump should not take out half of the crooks health. It is mainly meant to knock the person down so you can get up to him and cuff him or quickly tase them before they get up. Again, like the taser gun, take some time to practice doing it correctly.

Alley Way foot chases:
When you are chasing a suspect and they run into an alley, do not take your car into the alley, get out of the vehicle and pursue on foot. Try to coordinate with other officers to get into a position to block other exits to that alley. Have a rolling unit near by in case the suspect escapes the alley and begins to run down the street, which is where a vehicle bump can be used.

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