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• A detailed guide to give all officers and understanding as to when they should shoot at suspects. This guide is aimed to improve your overall judgment when deciding to shoot at or kill a suspect.

1. Unarmed Suspects

• If a suspect is known to be unarmed, then you do NOT shoot at them. If a suspect was armed but decided to surrender himself and put the weapon away, have an officer point a gun towards him whilst you make an arrest.

2. Taser Shot (Glock Pistol)

• A taser shot consists of one bullet using the Glock Pistol. The distance at which you should fire the taser gun is at most one car length away from the suspect. When shooting, make sure you aim at the suspect’s waist, downwards. Shooting multiple times or at a far distance is strictly forbidden. Do NOT forget to ask permission before conducting a taser shot on a suspect and make sure you yell out taser shot before you take the shot.

3. Weapon Use (Combat Shotgun, Glock Pistol, Molotov’s)

• Combat Shotgun – This weapon is only to be used when the crook is at least one car length away from you. Use this weapon against a suspect in a confined area, where there movement and space is restricted. Do NOT pull someone over with this weapon in hand nor do you confront anyone with this weapon. This is NOT to be used as a taser gun or spike-strip in any case whatsoever.

• Glock Pistol – This weapon is to be used against suspects who are at a fairly far distance from you. If you are attempting to kill a suspect with this weapon, you should aim for the chest, upwards. This can be used as the taser gun, and can also be used when pulling over a suspect.

4. Increasing Accuracy (Glock Pistol)

• To gain a better accuracy using your Glock Pistol, be sure to crouch when shooting a suspect. As soon as you gain a shot on the suspect, don’t hold down the right trigger to shoot, tap it. By tapping it you’re increasing the accuracy meaning you are more likely to kill the suspect. It’s not about how many bullets you fire, it’s about the way you conduct the shots.

5. Increasing Accuracy (Combat Shotgun)

• If the suspect is within a very close range then the Combat Shotgun is the weapon to use. When shooting this weapon make sure there is NO officer at a close distance to you as you may crossfire with them. When firing, aim this weapon at the chest as the chest area acts as a bigger target compared to the head and legs of the suspect. Holding down the trigger when firing this is fine, just watch where you aim it.

6. Shooting Suspects Tires (Pursuit)

• In order to shoot suspects tires when in a pursuit, you must be the passenger of the pursuing vehicle. You are to be at a fairly close distance to the vehicle and gain permission before shooting. When your good to shoot, make sure you aim towards the tires. Shooting bullets continuously is incorrect; make sure you only shoot when you have a shot on or around the tires of the vehicle.

7. Shooting Suspects Tires (Traffic Stop)

• If you make a traffic stop on a vehicle and walk over to it and it then decides to take off, try shooting a tire before it leaves. Do NOT aim towards the suspects head and attempt to kill them. Do NOT continuously shoot towards them even though they are far from the distance of your fire.

8. Shooting Suspects Tires (Hostage Situation)

• When there is a hostage situation, that is stationary and the hostage taker is asking for an escape vehicle, be sure to puncture the tires before handing them the vehicle. If you manage to keep the flat tires unnoticeable and intact the hostage taker will rarely recognize it, meaning they are more likely to crash. Be sure to ask permission from the CO or the person who is in charge of the situation before doing this.

9. Shooting A Suspect (Shoot to Kill)

• Only shoot to kill a suspect if your life is in immediate danger and if you have a direct shot on them. Firing your weapon in all directions means you are using the weapon incorrectly and endangering civilians. If the suspect is armed and has shot on you, but then runs into a building, attempt to decrease their health before they enter the building. Do NOT follow them whatsoever; wait for backup at that point.

10.Shooting A Suspect (Shoot to injure)

• If you’re looking to injure a suspect and not kill them, make sure you aim towards their legs, if they are realistic about it, they should surrender. If you manage to injure a suspect so much, then you’re using the weapon incorrectly or shooting at the suspect without thinking about it. When injuring a suspect and they surrender, do not hit them to make an arrest, just tell them you have placed them in handcuffs as their health may be at a critical level.

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