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Threat level assesment Empty Threat level assesment

Post  Aussiecop31 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:52 am

In accordance to the agreement passed by SWAT and the Detective Bureau:

A first responder to a Code 3 situation is recommended to make a threat assessment and report to dispatch what level a situation is currently at. The threat levels are as follows:
Green- Subject at a condition where they are not a threat to human life.
Yellow- Unstable condition, in a position to be a deadly threat, no threats imminent.
Red- Currently dangerous, imminent threat.
This is an important action to take so it is clear what action the SWAT team or The Detective Bureau will take.

Threat level Green- A person on the roof of a building has threatened to jump and commit suicide, but is no danger to other human life.
Threat level Yellow- A barricaded suspect has taken hostages inside of a building and is threatening to shoot them if his demands are not met.
Threat level Red- A barricaded suspect has shot a hostage and/or an officer.


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