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Post  Aussiecop31 on Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:49 am

These are some things that are done in real life in traffic stops. What happens is that the officer pulls the person over, talks to them, gets a 10-29, etc. But after the officer lets the person go, the cop does not leave until the crook does. Reason being, in real life, if the officer leaves before the person does and that person gets hit by a car, the cop is in a lot of trouble.

I noticed a few patrols that a cop will go around the crook and drive. So, I think it would be best if we started doing this because it's more realistic. This is also good because if that person does something wrong right after you left, you stop them again and then they are in big trouble.

Part 2: Lights on, siren off while in the car.

This is also a very realistic thing to do.

When you pull a person over, hold the Y while the emergency lights are on. This will simulate the vehicle turning off. The engine will stop running and the head lights will turn off. After you talk to the person and do what you gotta do, get back in the car and quickly pause the game. This will make the lights stay on and the siren off. To get out and leave them off, press start and quickly press Y. Then you can go back and talk to the guy or do whatever you need to do.

Part 3: Vehicle Position

There are 3 types of vehicle positions for low-risk traffic stops.

1. It is basically lining your vehicle directly behind the stopped vehicle and walking to the passenger side of the car.

2. The "In Line Offset" - If you have 2 people in you car (ride along, observational, etc.) this is the best option. With this position, both officers can take cover behind the doors if need be.

The 45° Offset" - This is where you turn the vehicle slightly to the side. If you are alone, this is the best option, it will protect you from AIs hitting you while standing on the driver side, and, you have the side of the car to take cover behind if need be.

4. High Risk, 2 Patrol car stop - If there is a person with some kind of warrant, this is the best option. The original officer will call Code 1, the second officer will pull up, yell to the driver commands to get out safely. The original officer will cover them and cuff them

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