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Precision Immobilization Technique

The PIT maneuver is a tactic given to officers to end a pursuit by force, it can be a dangerous tactic and can result in potentially lethal force. PIT is requested during a pursuit by the lead vehicle and granted by either CO or AIR 1, however during a pursuit AIR 1 may prejudge the officer and grant PIT before request.

PIT can be used on most roads but the traffic needs to be considered. PIT can NOT be used if there is heavy traffic or oncoming traffic. PIT can ONLY be used on cars.

PIT is preferably conducted with at least 2 marked police vehicles, however 1 car is sufficient as the second car is only there as back up for either offender apprehension or traffic control.

During the pursuit the lead officer needs to consider the options under TPAC (PIT, Box Stop, Stop Sticks, Road Blocks), if the officer considers the conditions are correct for PIT then they would request PIT to be authorised, from this point the lead vehicle is known as the ground commander or vehicle 1 (V1). V1 will be officer with the pursuit commentary, they will be the person conducting the positioning of all other vehicles involved in the maneuver.

Below is a guide on how to conduct a safe and professional PIT maneuver

V1 pulls out to the left and accelerate so the front bumper of the police car would be online with the rear bumper of the offenders car
The P.I.T. Pit1basicq
V1 will now start to turn into the offenders bumper forcing the rear of their vehicle to spin out and stall
The P.I.T. Pit2basic
Once V1 has completed the maneuver both V1 and V2 would start to immediately brake to avoid collision, once at a complete stop the rear vehicle would take the "fend off" position
The P.I.T. Pit3basic

If at any point the CO, AIR SUPPORT or V1 decides the pursuit is becoming more dangerous due to the Manor of driving, or the road and weather conditions are deteriorating then The Public, The Officers or Offenders safety needs to be considered and either the PIT is cancelled or the pursuit is terminated


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