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Clan rules: Updated Empty Clan rules: Updated

Post  toxicmonkey999 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:47 am

LCLE is a fun and exciting clan. However, we play realistically and any immature actions (using RPGs, constant unrealistic firefights, crooks in blackhawks, shooting on spot, etc) are frowned upon and result in warnings or in some cases suspensions. If these actions are performed a numerous amount of times by the same member, he/she will be warned and maybe banned.

We have a mutual respect and a mutual understanding, If you have a problem, there is always a member who will take your problem and have it sorted.

Here are the rules for the LCES clan sponsored events. EVERY member should follow these rules or you can expect warnings and eventually removal from the clan. If you have any questions about any of our rules or how we work, then simply ask any member and they will be glad to assist you.

These are the general rules to follow however if required as a crook should always ask your CO if their is an exemption on the rules for role play purposes.

In Patrol Rules

To find the rules of being a crook please view the The Crook Handbook.
-Do not fire upon suspects unless they point a gun at you, point a gun at another officer, run over another officer, attempt to run over you, or fire their weapon. Be sure to get permission before shooting a suspect if the suspect doesn’t do any of those things.
-Do not enter a chase after a suspect while in an unmarked car unless you have permission from a CO.
-“Taser” should be announced before the shot is made in order for it to count. There is only one possible taser shot for that incident.
-The only weapons a patrol officer can have are the pistol and combat shotgun. SWAT members and Detective Bureau members currently.assigned to one of those divisions during the patrol are exempt from this rule.
-An officer can not patrol in an unmarked vehicle without permission from the CO. An exception to this rule is members who are part of the U.S. Marshals or LC Sheriff.
-The radio should remain clear at all time. Any extra comments are against the rules. This includes swear words and interjections.
-Driving an ambulance or fire truck without the permission from the CO is against the rules except for dispatch which can use it as a mobile dispatch.
Roadblocks can only be set up with permission from the patrol CO and spike strips can only be executed by Sheriff, Marshals or certified PO's with permission from the patrol CO or SWAT command.
-Cops can only go "dirty" with permission from the patrol CO and the crook CO.
-Driving under the set standard set by the Training Team is against the rules.
-Communicating under the set standard set by the Training Team is against the rules.
-Dispatching yourself to calls without permission from the dispatcher is against the rules. - Code 3's and CO's excluded.
-You cannot cuff a crook if they have a weapon equipped.
All Members-
-The only person authorized to send out invites is the host of the game.
-Crooks can only be invited in the middle of the game with permission from the crook and cop CO.
-Leaving the island that is being played on once the patrol has started is against the rules unless you have permission from a CO.
-Follow what the CO in the match says.
-All members are required to attend at least one official patrol per month for an entire match. Information about official patrols can be found on the website. Only official patrols count. Punishment is enforced by the activity team and a direct warning can not be issued by IA for violation of this rule.
-There is no killing, shooting, "left bumpering", running around, punching, leaving the area, or interrupting during a debrief.
-There is no killing, punching, shooting, running over, or stabbing other members during or after the debrief has been called!
-Once the debrief has been called, all the crooks must leave the game so the game resets back to the lobby. Any crook who fails to leave should be kicked out.
-When a person is not there, you can not pull them out of their car or helicopter, steal their car or helicopter, or kill the person.
-No mods of any kind, including modded controllers, can be used without permission from the CO of the patrol. Car spawning mods are an exception to this rule but are still down to the control of the Commissioners.
-Do not swear during the patrol if it is directed at a specific person in the patrol.

*Please Note that this page can change at anytime*

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