The re-birth of the LCLE

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The re-birth of the LCLE Empty The re-birth of the LCLE

Post  toxicmonkey999 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:47 am

Welcome to everybody who has joined we welcome you and hope you stay with us for along time, this clan will and has been very sucsessful and will out do all other clans, all we need is everybody cooperation to do this and to work together as a team so lets do it.

As I have said; this is the re-birth. Thus meaning that this clan had died away for a large amount of time and so lost a lot of its members. Myself and a few other dedicated Officers are re-organising things to bring life here once more. You may see in the members section a lot of users who do not use this place anymore. They are the reminance of the old times. A new age is beggining in this clan and I am leading the way from the shadows.

From your Commisioner - toxicmonkey999

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